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Plastic Surgeon
Doctor Catherine Barón is a specialist in plastic surgery. She is focused on improving the quality of life of her patients through the implementation of a broad aesthetic and functional sense. Being a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a Member of the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Barón has always had a high interest in academic and professional excellence, which have combined with her never ending quest of patient satisfaction, well-being, rigorous work ethic, and responsibility to fulfill expectations.


I want to share how my life changed thanks to Dr. Catherine Barón because she understood my need to feel more secure and satisfied with my body; I managed to turn my “chubby” appearance into a slimmer and well molded body. I was treated in one of the best clinics in Bogotá, with top notch personnel who were adequately equipped to help me in my recovery. I never felt alone because she was always very attentive.

Rosa Guzmán

The surgery and the recovery process were a positive experience not only due to the results, but also because of the support and tranquility that was brought on by being in the hands of a reliable professional, which are both trademarks of Doctor Catherine Barón. The assistance she recommended me, as well as the choice of clinic to carry out the procedure, were outstanding.

Nelly Ramirez

I am very grateful for having have had the opportunity to be in the hands of Dr. Catherine Barón during my diagnosis and treatment. She always gave me the confidence I needed and constantly reassured that everything was going to turn out perfectly.

Claudia Maria Estrada